Your Story

The process of working with a ghost writer is difficult to summarise, as the experience is different for every client, depending on their needs. But at the centre of every book is the story – your story – and this is where we begin.

The sheer joy for me as a ghost writer is working with so many different people whose lives are so far removed from my own experience. These lives are wide and varied, and each story is different to the last. Sometimes I go out in search of tales to tell, and sometimes they find me.

So, what happens next?

Once we have decided that we would like to work together, we need to explore your vision for the finished book. It may be that you have an incredibly marketable idea and envisage producing a book that flies off the shelves; perhaps you have the budget to support the writing, or maybe you would like to work together speculatively to attract the attention of an agent or publisher. The latter is a possibility, depending on the potential marketability of the idea.

Alternatively, you might wish to produce a book to promote yourself and reach out to a select audience or client base; or you may have visions of an intimate project for the eyes of friends and family only. Either way, I am happy to talk through the options before we move on to the exciting bit …

Some stories need to be shared face to face over many days, others can be told via Skype or email. Some stories already exist in note-form and simply need to be rearranged and dramatised. This part of the process is driven by you; however you need to work to build trust, feel comfortable and tell your story, I’m happy to accommodate.

The first step is to get in touch, so we can see if we’re right for each other and happy to work together.

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