I love knowing that I am working on a project bursting with honesty and hope that will make a difference to readers and will be remembered for a long time after the last page is turned.

I have been blessed to work on a range of ghostwriting projects over the last ten years, producing fourteen books to date, fiction and non-fiction, for people with incredible stories to tell. My proudest achievement has been working with a woman who endured twenty years of domestic abuse before finally making her escape and becoming a campaigner against violence to women. I am currently working with an LGBTQ+ woman who was discharged from the navy for being gay, as well as collecting the stories of LGBTQ+ women for Women Like Us

To me, ghostwriting is a way to be of service, to work with incredible people and, ultimately, tell stories that might never otherwise get told.

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Nervous First Interview with the Subject of My New Ghostwriting Project: LGBT She-Ra!

I contacted ‘LGBT She-Ra’ a few weeks back to see if she would do me the honour of sharing her life story, to potentially create a memoir together. I should add at this stage that ‘She-Ra’ is not her real name. It does, however, reflect what an absolute warrior she is – a warrior of the heart.

Learning to Breathe Again. A Therapy Session I Will Never Forget

“You’re in the river,” she says. “It’s choppy, too choppy, wild. It’s throwing you around. You’re drowning.”
What the hell is she trying to do? My panic intensifies, grows colour around it, as I’m thrown around by the unyielding current. How is this helping?

Opera Glasses and a Packet of Frazzles: Visiting the Theatre in the Middle of a Pandemic

“We could get dressed up, move the sofa, put the light out, grab the opera glasses and Frazzles.” (Our snack cupboard was looking a bit bare.)
So we did. I in my long pinstripe jacket and bowtie, hair oiled back and moustache drawn on with eyeliner pencil. She in her flapper dress and boa. I have no idea where she found the peacock feather to stick in her hair, but it was a nice touch.

Living Truthfully: The Freedom from Fear

It’s almost as if we spend our lives guarding our darkest secrets, shielding ourselves from the gaze of others, but what if these authentic parts are our most beautiful and human?