I love knowing that I am working on a project bursting with honesty and hope that will make a difference to readers and will be remembered for a long time after the last page is turned.

I have been blessed to work on a range of ghostwriting projects over the last ten years, producing fourteen books to date, fiction and non-fiction, for people with incredible stories to tell. My proudest achievement has been working with a woman who endured twenty years of domestic abuse before finally making her escape and becoming a campaigner against violence to women. I am currently working with an LGBTQ+ woman who was discharged from the navy for being gay, as well as collecting the stories of LGBTQ+ women for Women Like Us

To me, ghostwriting is a way to be of service, to work with incredible people and, ultimately, tell stories that might never otherwise get told.

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The Primal Act of Writing Longhand

Writing truthfully is an act of rebellion. Writing longhand is revelling in the experience. In the absence of cave walls on which to tell our stories, it is the rawest way to express the written word.

Reading ‘Writing Down the Bones’ Twenty Years Later

My God, I was an arrogant writer when I was younger. I knew my work was good, and I reacted to criticism the way flat-earthers respond to the inconvenient truth. I was hot stuff, they were wrong/moronic/picking on me, and the world would have to catch up with my genius sooner or later.

Lamb Bingo: A Walk in a Field in Lockdown

It’s such a small, frivolous thing to be thankful for when the world has been brought to its knees by influenza’s older, demented half-brother, with a chip on his shoulder and daddy issues.

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